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Lauren M.

From my experience I can personally tell you that I have learned a lot about yoga and the poses I didn't know would help me so much. I have gotten to the point where I feel comfortable attending yoga classes aside from the personal sessions.

Kimberly Ashley

Gloria give excellent value for the money when it comes to crafting a personalized regiment really well suited to you. The exercises vary enough. Give her class a try for yourself and congratulations on being pro-active with your healing and wellness.

Tarah Y.

Gloria has always helped me, no matter the modality. Her services are top-notch. She is a professional with a pure heart and a great sense of humor. Highly Recommended. 

Julie Donson Keil

Well I decided to give it a try and I see things progressing. It took time but now in conjunction with my physical therapy, the reiki sessions are helping and I'm healing from personal issues I have been going through as well. Thank you!